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Sulfur 'n Steam: KWYS and Yellowstone Update for MSFS

Mammoth Hot Springs at 75℉ in Yellowstone MSFS2020
Mammoth Hot Springs at 75℉

One of my favorite features in the X-Plane version of Yellowstone was the steam and Old Faithful Geyser. When I released the MSFS version of Yellowstone however, the particle system was in beta and wasn't mature enough to ship. Thankfully though, Asobo has finished the particle system, and it now works!

Grand Prismatic 10℉ with snow in Yellowstone MSFS 2020
Grand Prismatic 10℉

Now, you can experience steam in Yellowstone in Microsoft Flight Simulator too! And the best part? There is zero chance of it stinking or posing a threat in very calm atmospheric conditions!

Grand Prismatic at 95℉ in Yellowstone MSFS 2020
Grand Prismatic at 95℉

Like the X-Plane version, the steam is dependent on temperature, and to some extent, blows in the wind. So cool mornings will have lots of steam, and hot afternoons will have significantly less steam (such as the above picture, taken at 95 ℉).

To get the update, simply update your copy of KWYS West Yellowstone and Yellowstone National Park via the Content Manager in MSFS. I hope you all enjoy this update!

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