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Yellowstone National Park is world renowned for it's thousands of geothermal features. Features such as Grand Prismatic Spring and Old Faithful Geyser attract millions each year, including many from abroad. And now, you can experience this world famous national park in X-Plane 12!


KWYS and Yellowstone National Park is a sprawling scenery, covering over 1,200 square miles in custom forests and over 3,000 miles in high resolution color corrected NAIP ortho imagery. In addition, numerous points of interest throughout the park are included such as an accurately erupting Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic Spring, Mammoth Hot Springs, and even Yellowstone Falls. And of course, KWYS - West Yellowstone Airport, the town of West Yellowstone, and numerous others geothermal features and points of interest throughout the park are included.


Detailed rendition of KWYS:

  • All buildings feature ultra-high-resolution textures.

  • All buildings feature advanced PBR normal maps for realistic reflections and bump mapping.

  • All buildings are highly detailed, down to even door handles.

  • All buildings feature "lite" interiors to give windows more depth.

  • Detailed ground textures with large scale realistic wear.

  • All ground textures feature realistic normal maps.

  • Realistic 3d vegetation for the entire airport.

Living scenery:

  • Integration with X-Plane 12 weather effects system for gorgeous weather effects

  • Ground equipment automatically serves your aircraft upon request.

Custom Rendition of Yellowstone National Park

  • Custom modeled accurately erupting Old Faithful geyser

  • Custom modeled Mammoth Hot springs.

  • Custom modeled animated Yellowstone Falls.

  • Numerous custom modeled features throughout the park.

  • Animated people and bison near Old Faithful.

  • High resolution high quality NAIP color corrected ortho imagery with normal maps covering all popular areas

  • ZL16 NAIP ortho imagery covering over 3,000 square miles of surroundings.

  • X-Plane Particle System accessed via plugin

    •  X-Plane 11 Particle System is used for animated geysers, waterfalls, and geyser steam.

    • Uses our Living Scenery Technology available free on the Forum

• All models optimized for maximum performance.

• Custom generic rendition of West Yellowstone Town.

• Over 1,200 square miles of forests accurately placed via procedural algorithm using NAIP ortho imagery data.

• Custom 10 meter mesh with HD Overlays (courtesy AlpilotX and his HD Mesh V4. Used with his permission)



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