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Living Scenery Technology


I'm thrilled to announce the release of Living Scenery Technology!

Living Scenery Technology is a next generation plugin for the animation of scenery objects along a route and access to special features such as the particle system and FMOD in X-Plane 12. The inspiration for this project largely came from Marginal's wonderful GroundTraffic plugin. Living Scenery Technology features several improvements including a developer defined activation range, fast performance, branching methodology for spawning, support for Mac (intel only) Windows and Linux, and most importantly, it is a global plugin implementing a one plugin, many sceneries design, which allows an infinite number of sceneries to use LST as opposed to only being able to have 30-40 instances of GroundTraffic. Lastly, Living Scenery Technology is freeware, for everyone, forever.

Living Scenery Technology is now required for Ground Traffic for the following packages of mine:

  • KDEN - Denver International Airport

  • KWYS - West Yellowstone and Yellowstone National Park

  • KEVV - Evansville Regional Airport

  • KTEX - Telluride Regional Airport

You can download Living Scenery Technology for free here.

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