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Living Scenery Technology V1.05 Update

As I was developing Sedona, I realized that there were some features in LST that weren't quite behaving how I was hoping. Sooo, along comes Living Scenery Technology V1.05! Along with some bug fixes, some new features are:

  • Route priming (developers can set their routes to run very, very fast for a few seconds to get the routes populated)

  • Better support for branching

  • Better AGL precision

  • Smooth turning for trains (smooth, not accurate, it doesn't simulate them being connected, that takes too much math for my taste 😅)

  • Tires don't jump backwards at the start of a leg

  • And most excitingly, timing is now based off sim time!

So why is timing based on sim time a big deal? Because now, you can make the cars go faster through the routes, just like the time! So if you like making time lapses, this update is for you!

Living Scenery Technology will be required by my new update for KSEZ - Sedona, and I expect future sceneries will require it as well. So, go download it soon!


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