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KSEZ - Sedona, America's Most Scenic Airport, Out Now for X-Plane 12!

I'm super excited to announce that my first commercial scenery, originally release in 2017, KSEZ - Sedona, has received a HUGE free update!

This update is a complete rebuild of virtually everything to bring it to the latest standards. I've also implemented some new things I've learned such as:

  • Detail textures and detail normals for my best pavement yet

  • Animated 3d grass

  • Animated 3d people that actually look descent

  • And the most important feature, hand sculpted 3d rock formations for most of the stunning surrounding valley!

And of course, there have been other improvements compared to previous sceneries including the most detailed and best textured buildings I've made yet, and extremely detailed 3d interiors, down to even realistic 3d food in the restaurant!

Despite all that detail though, the scenery still runs at a solid 60fps with near max settings on a high end system, and a small mid end laptop (4GB VRAM, 16GB RAM) runs it with no trouble at 40+ fps. All together, this is by far my most detailed and immersive scenery yet! But best of all, this update is 100% free to all current users!

Some of the features you can except:

  • Ultra detailed rendition of KSEZ - Sedona

  • Buildings are detailed down to door handles and gutters

  • Most "feature buildings" have 3d interiors, even down to food on the restaurant tables

  • Detailed normal maps utilize X-Plane 12's gorgeous photometric PBR engine

  • High quality realistic ground textures

  • Hand crafted detail textures and detail normals add unparalleled detail with virtually indistinguishable tiling

  • Hand painted, grunge overlays for the airport make the airport feel life like.

  • Up to date layout as of 2021 including significant changes to the center-north ramp

  • Living Airport

  • Cars will randomly wander the airport roads, and occasionally drive up to the gate, open it, and drive to a spot on the apron.

  • 3D animated people

  • 3D animated trees using X-Plane 12's new forest system

  • 3D animated grass and shrubs

  • Custom surroundings

  • Generic, regionally appropriate autogen for the surrounding valley

  • Stunning hand crafted rock formations for most of the Sedona Valley

  • Low poly landmarks (schools, old stadium, etc)

  • Custom Ortho4XP Mesh

  • Custom UHD Mesh V4 overlays (courtesy AlpilotX, used with his permission)

  • Optimized for excellent performance. VR ready, constant 60 fps with near max settings on high end systems.

To get the update:

  • Delete the old Sedona scenery (Sedona UHD, Sedona UHD Mesh, Sedona UHD Overlay)

  • Redownload the scenery from your account (KSEZ Airport, KSEZ Mesh, X-Codr Designs Library

  • Install as instructed by the manual included in KSEZ Airport

  • You will also need the latest version of Living Scenery Technology (V1.05, released 10/26/2022)

  • Please note, this update is for X-Plane 12 only as it relies on X-Plane 12 features. X-Plane 11 users will still have access to the legacy Sedona V1.5 version.

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