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AEP V1.3 Update Out Now!

I'm happy to announce that AEP V1.3 has now been released!

The focus of this update was new pavement for X-Plane 12, and I couldn't be happier with the results! Using new techniques I've learned, these pavement textures are more detailed than ever, and have realistic, immersive patterns, that are designed to not be repetitive.

One other big item I'm excited about are the new jet blast shields! I never managed to replace these before because they simply were a very complex facade... but using a new tool I wrote, I was able to replace them with a much higher quality model!

Of course, this new update has other improvements as well, including better facade roof textures, normal map improvements, and (finally) a fix for all those annoying compressed normal map warnings.

As always, this update is free to all current users. To get it, simply redownload and install AEP and you'll have all the new features!

If you don't already own AEP, now is the perfect time to pick it up! It is on sale 30% off through Sunday December 4th!

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