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America's largest airport by land area

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Spanning over 52 square miles, KDEN - Denver International Airport is enormous by any metric. It holds the title of the largest airport in the United States by land area and 2nd largest in the world. Further, its workforce of over 35,000 service over 77 million passengers annually, making Denver the 3rd busiest airport in the United States, and 6th busiest in the world in 2023.

Visitors to Denver International Airport are treated to breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, and a unique atmosphere promoted by Denver International Airport’s award-winning architecture. The most iconic of these being the peaked roof of the Jeppesen terminal, reflective of the snowcapped Rocky Mountains, and the historical Colorado landscape that was once dotted with Native American teepees. Given its size, scenic views, and diverse domestic and international routes, Denver International Airport is an excellent destination, or starting point, for any flight simmer!

This scenery is the product of over 2 years of development, with the goal of creating our best rendition of Denver International Airport yet!


  •  Highly detailed models and high-resolution textures

    • Custom models for all airport buildings. 

    • Custom models for all static ground equipment.

    • All terminal concourses have full 3d interiors in passenger-accessible areas, with numerous POIs (such as aircraft displays hanging from the ceiling).

    • Lite interiors for Jeppesen terminal, GA buildings, and control towers.

    • Photorealistic 3d people throughout the concourses

    • Custom jetways with accurate airline logos where appropriate

  • High-quality ground textures:

    • Tons of variations in pavement to match the real surfaces.
      Custom grunge textures for wear (oil spills, erosion, dirt build-up, skids, etc.).

    • Accurate lines for airport vehicle roads, taxi/hold/edge lines, safety zones, etc.

    • 0.5-foot resolution ortho imagery for excellent clarity beyond taxiways.

    • Hand-traced asphalt zones on roads and parking lots so they have the correct material and are sharper.

    • Orthoimagery is naturally blended for seamless blending with surroundings.

  • Fully functional airport
    • Accurate taxi and runway distance remaining signs

    • Custom animated runway guard and wig-wag lights

    • Realistic spacing on taxiway edge and centerline lights, including higher density on curves.

    • Accurate airport data

    • Accurate service road data so AI vehicles choose better driving routes.

  • Support for 3rd party add-ons

    • Accurate airline codes, so traffic addons should generally make better choices about what airline parks at what gate.

  • Accurate, up-to-date layout

    • Includes recent expansions for concourses A, B, and C

    • Includes new taxiway EE, north of runway 17R

    • Includes new Southwest Hangar

    • Accurate as of early 2024

  • Optimized for performance.

    • Strong performance on a wide range of systems

    • All models feature LODs to reduce detail at a distance.

    • Large models are split into small individual sections to allow for more aggressive savings on things you can’t see while preserving visual quality for things you can see.

    • Many models feature ultra-low poly imposters for LODs, which are incredibly low poly models with baked textures, that look nearly identical beyond very close range, allowing for significant performance gains, with minimal visual loss

3rd Party Compatibility

KDEN - Denver International Airport should generally work with all addons, however some addons have specific requirements to work with a given scenery. These are typically addons such as traffic, or ground service addons, which require specific data to function. KDEN has been tested with the following addons:

  • FS Live Traffic (FSLTL)

  • Most other addons should just work. If you find one that doesn't, please let us know so we can try to add compatibility!

For GSX support, please perform the following steps:

  1. In GSX Pro's Customize menu (located in their installer), choose to "Exclude 3rd party", otherwise GSX will attempt to add it's own jetways and flatten KDEN.

  2. Download our GSX profile

  3. Unzip ""

  4. Copy "kden-xcodr.ini" into "%APPDATA%\Virtuali\GSX\MSFS"

  5. You're done!



KDEN - Denver International Airport is built for everyone. But sometimes some users may need something slightly different to provide the best experience for them, which is where patches come in!

No Interiors Patch:

This patch removes interiors. To install, simply:

  1. Download the patch and unzip it

  2. Locate your Community folder (or Official if you purchased through the MSFS marketplace, which is one folder back and titled "Official\Onestore")

  3. Copy "xcodr-airport-kden-denver" from your patch folder, into this folder, and overwrite the conflicting files.

To revert:

  1. Perform all the same steps, but with the revert patch instead.

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