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Introducing KDEN:
Our best scenery ever!




X-Codr Designs was started in 2017 with the release of my first commercial product, KSEZ - Sedona. Previously I had developed a number of freeware packages (KFJK, KTEL, KMVN to name a few), which provided a substantial boost to my reputation when I entered the commercial market.

Since the initial release of Sedona, I've released numerous commercial package including KDEN, KWYS, 1G4, KTEX and Airport Enhancement Pack, as well as numerous feature updates for these various packages, and a freeware KMGM which I partnered with AeroDesigns to create.

Throughout the history of X-Codr Designs, one thing has remained consistent - a dedication to premium, quality, and cutting edge products, and a commitment to making sure every customer gets the best possible experience.

Here at X-Codr Designs we use the latest technology in all our sceneries. From physical based rendering normal maps for gorgeous materials, to ultra detailed models, to particle systems for geothermal eruptions, if the technology exists, it is used to enhance our products. 

Explore Features

Good scenery is, well, good. But we don't just want good scenery. We want great scenery! How do we do that? Keep reading to find out!

Physically Based Rendering Compatible Normal Maps

Normal maps designed for each platform's physically based rendering engine bring gorgeous materials to life in the simulator. Sharp reflections, blinding glare, shiny metal textures, and beautifully detailed brick walls are all made possible using this technology.

Custom Mesh Tiles (X-Plane)

Nobody likes mysteriously floating terminals, or hangars that look like they got buried in a landslide. That's why we use custom meshes at our airports! Using a custom Ortho4XP tile with NAIP imagery and a handcrafted mesh patch, we are able to create stunning landscapes around our airports, eliminating virtually all terrain issues, and we are able to add unique terrain features such as overpasses.

Lite Interiors

Have you ever felt windows look, flat? Me too. But while impressive, full 3d interiors take a lot of time to develop, and can take a bit of performance. That's why we use "lite" interiors on secondary models. By using a picture of a room and projecting it on the inside of a cube we are able to create the illusion of a 3d interior, without the disadvantages.

Detailed High Resolution Models

Blurry, oversimplified models may have been ok a decade ago, but today, everyone expects detailed, sharp models and textures. So, we deliver just that! All our models are highly detailed, down to the door handles, with sharp, realistic textures to accompany them.

High Quality Ground Textures

Ground textures can make or break a scenery. That's why we do our absolute best to make sure that all our ground textures are top notch quality. We use the highest resolution ortho imagery we can get, which is then color corrected to blend with the surroundings, and artifacts and objects such as cars, planes, and buildings are removed. Our pavement textures utilize large scale textures in combination with detail textures to provide detail with minimal repetition.

Contact Us

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