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Evansville Regional Airport is a small regional airport located in the northern part of the city of Evansville in southern Indiana. Each year it serves on average over 200,000 passengers out of its terminal which has 5 jet bridges. Its primary carriers are Allegiant Air, American Eagle, Delta Connection, and United Express.


This scenery is an ultra detailed recreation of KEVV – Evansville Regional Airport. Some of it’s features include:


Highly detailed and realistic rendition of KEVV – Evansville Regional Airport

  • Ultra-detailed, high resolution buildings

    •    Custom normal maps fully utilize X-Plane 12’s photometric PBR rendering engine

    •    Baked ambient occlusion and ground shadows on all airport buildings

    •    Many buildings feature either detailed, or “Lite” interior renditions

  • Ultra-detailed, high resolution ground textures

  • Ultra HD normal maps add immense detail to large scale pavement textures

  • Large scale grunge and tar textures break up any repetition and add realism

Living airport

  • Accurate AI taxi routes

  • Animated Autogate jetways (Autogate plugin required)

  • Animated 3d people and cars using Living Scenery Technology (available free on the X-Plane.Org Forum)

  • Ultra realistic 3d vegetation (trees, shrubs, grass)

  • Lots of airport clutter, i.e. baggage carts, chocks, tires, etc.

  • Integration with X-Plane 12’s weather effects system for effects such as puddles, raindrops, snow, and ice

  • Optimized for high performance with LOD technology and appropriate texture scaling

  • Custom Ortho4xp Mesh and custom patch for the airport

  • Custom overlay scenery based off Alpilotx’s HD Mesh V4 scenery (used with his permission)

  • Perfect for short hops to destinations such as KIND, KORD, and KMGM



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