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Airport Enhancement Package is one of the most important sceneries you can buy for one reason - it brings every default airport to a whole new level of detail and realism.


Airport Enhancement Package replaces the vast majority of all default airport assets in order to provide more detailed models, higher resolution textures, new technology such as PBR normal maps, and regionalization to give different areas of the world a unique feel.


From ground textures to buildings to trees, Airport Enhancement Package dramatically improves it all to bring every default airport to a new level of realism.​


  • Almost all airport buildings replaced with new high quality models

  • Majority of airport facades replaced with new high quality facades

  • Majority of all ground clutter replaced with new high quality models

  • All static ground vehicles replaced with new high quality models

  • All airport objects such as runways lights, beacons, and navaids replaced with new high quality models

  • All models feature advanced modeling techniques

    • All models feature UHD textures between 2 and 4 pixels per inch

    • All models feature advanced PBR normal maps for small details and realistic reflections

    • All models feature advanced LODs to maximize detail while maintaining great performance

    • Most models feature lite interiors to provide an added sense of depth and realism without the performance cost

  • Legacy airport vegetation replaced with new high performance 3d vegetation to match X-Plane 12's 3d forests

  • Marking and Pavement replaced with dramatically higher quality textures

    • All ground textures feature ultra high resolution for great detail

    • All ground textures feature realistic PBR normal maps

    • All markings replaced with new high quality markings

    • All ground textures feature "weather maps" to make use of X-Plane 12's weather effects system

    • Large scale decals break up repetition and add unique, realistic patterns (such as newly replaced concrete)

  • Limited Regionalization gives airports a unique feel

    • In more rural and tropical areas more worn hangars are mixed in with the newer hangars found elsewhere

  • winter

  • All models match the default style as closely as possible, ensuring you see exactly what the author intended except in a much higher quality.


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