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Home of the famous Sedona Red Rocks!
Perfect to explore from KSEZ, America's Most Scenic Airport!

Also available on the MSFS Marketplace!

Welcome to Sedona Arizona! Sedona is located in central Arizona 20 miles south of Flagstaff, and 80 miles north of Phoenix. Beautiful red and orange sandstone rock formations, formed by millions of years of erosion, provide for a stunning, picturesque landscape. These very rocks attract millions of visitors each year, and are why KSEZ, Sedona airport (located on a plateau in the center of this stunning landscape), is deemed "America's Most Scenic Airport".


    Now, with the Sedona Red Rocks package, you can enjoy this incredible landscape from the comfort of your own home in Microsoft Flight Simulator! Flying in and out of Sedona, casually or for landing challenges, will never be the same again! With vibrant, sharp rock formations all around, there is tons to see, and every approach is spectacular! And with the right conditions at sunrise or sunset, the rocks come alive appearing as though they are on fire with their vivid oranges and reds.


The following rock formations have been hand modeled and textured:


  • Bell Rock

  • Courthouse Butte

  • Cathedral Rock

  • Twin Buttes

  • Submarine Rock

  • Devil's Kitchen

  • Devil's Bridge

  • Chimney Rock

  • Sugarloaf Mountain

  • Coffeepot Rock

  • The Mitten

  • Brin's Ridge

  • Capitol Butte

  • Cimarron Butte

  • Unnamed mountain ranges to the north and east (See map)




  • Custom NAIP Orthoimagery used to cover up glaring shadows

  • Optimized for excellent performance on all machines

  • Over 4 months worth of hand modeled scenery





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