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America's Most Scenic Airport!

Available now on the MSFS Marketplace!

Welcome to KSEZ - Sedona, America's Most Scenic Airport! It is referred to as America's Most Scenic Airport due to it's location atop a bluff in the center of the stunning Red Rocks State Park. In addition, due to it's geography atop a bluff, strong air currents on either end of the runway are common, resulting in strong down drafts on final, and strong up drafts immediately after take off, making for a thrilling, but challenging approach that can test even the most seasoned pilots. Combined with the incredible scenery, and challenging approaches, KSEZ - Sedona is a top destination among private pilots, and a must have for any simmer!


Some of the features you can expect in this scenery are:


  • Accurate terrain profile and runway slope

  • Up to date layout as of 2021 including significant changes to main northern ramp

  • Ultra detailed buildings

    • Restaurant, FBO, and Sedona Air Tours all include interiors

    • High resolution textures with normal maps for excellent clarity and realistic lighting and reflections

    • Detailed modeling down to 3d gutters and door handles

  • 3D animated people (talking in the restaurant, playing bean bag toss outside) add to airport ambience

  • Realistic 3d vegetation

  • Detailed realistic clutter throughout airport (utilities, fences, gates, cars, etc)

  • Realistic ground textures with accurate wear levels and high resolution details like tiedowns and oil stains

  • Iconic details such as iconic signs and Pink Jeep Tours jeeps



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