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Thrilling approaches over highways! Beautiful scenery!
A nice peaceful place to camp. What more could you ask for?

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Blue Canyon Nyack Airport is located near Emigrant Gap in the beautiful Sierra Nevadas in Northern California. It is located 30 miles west of scenic Lake Tahoe and 40 miles north east of Sacramento. KBLU sits atop a canyon ridge, with runway 15 sitting just 300 feet beyond interstate 80, making for a scenic, but challenging approach. This unique approach makes Blue Canyon Nyack Airport a popular destination for touch-and-gos among private pilots sightseeing over the Sierra Nevadas. In addition, it's also not uncommon to see tents around the airport from pilots that have flown in to camp in the beautiful area.


KBLU - Blue Canyon Nyack Airport includes the following features:


  • High Quality Models

    • Models are detailed down to the door handles

    • Models feature high resolution textures with PBR maps

    • Realistically animated models (Tetrahedron blows in the wind, etc)


  • High Quality Ground Textures

    • Custom accurate pavement

    • Realistic dirt spill over on pavement

    • Custom color corrected ortho for the airport


  • Detailed Rendition of KBLU

    • Accurately placed clutter (barrels, propane tanks, etc)

    • Realistic highway clutter for impressive flyover views

    • Realistic custom mesh with proper grading for roads, highways, runway slopes, & paths.

    • Based on on site photographs from May 2022


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