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Living Scenery Technology

The Future of X-Plane Ground Traffic

Living Scenery Technology is a next generation plugin for the animation of scenery objects along a route and access to special features such as the particle system and FMOD in X-Plane 12. The inspiration for this project largely came from Marginal's wonderful GroundTraffic plugin. Living Scenery Technology features several improvements including a developer defined activation range for very large projects, fast performance, branching methodology for spawning, support for Mac (intel only) Windows and Linux, and most importantly, it is a global plugin implementing a one plugin, many sceneries design, which allows an infinite number of sceneries to use LST as opposed to only being able to have 30-40 instances of GroundTraffic. Lastly, Living Scenery Technology is freeware, for everyone, forever.

Please note Living Scenery Technology in and of itself does nothing. Living Scenery Technology provides a system which sceneries can use, just as other addons like SAM, Autogate, etc.


  • Fast performance (even extremely dense traffic generally costs less than 10% of your frame rate in animation overhead)

  • Developer defined activation range (allowing for very large sceneries)

  • Support for branching which allows objects to transition from one route to another randomly (providing for realistic spawning, natural traffic flows and densities, and avoids sudden spawning in of traffic at un natural locations)

  • Loop routes (object travels in a continous loop)

  • Highway routes (objects continually spawn, travel along a route, then disappear at the end)

  • Support for animated tires

  • Semi smooth turning

  • Dataref registration and manipulation

  • Dataref manipulation by route, and waiting at a given waypoint for a dataref

  • Placement of static objects to use the particle system and FMOD in X-Plane 12

  • One plugin used by many sceneries, allowing for an infinite number of packages

  • Support for Windows Mac and Linux

  • Developer utilities

  • Free for everyone forever

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